Our Story

   US Truck Parts and Sales prides itself on being a family owned and operated company based in Dallas, Texas. It all began in 1949 when EV “Sonny” Thompson got into the used truck parts business in Corpus Christi, Texas with AA “Slats” Allen, John Plant, and Raymond Jowers. After living in Corpus Christi for a while he moved to El Paso, then to San Antonio, and finally decided to settle down in Dallas in 1961. That same year he bought Central Truck Parts from Shelton Mitchell and began building the company from the ground up. In 1965 he decided that he wanted to get out of the parts business and solely buy and sell trucks.

   By 1974 EV Thompson and his three sons, Vaughn, Brian, and Raymond were all working at Central Truck Parts located in Dallas on Irving Blvd and Mockingbird.   They were still buying and selling trucks, but the inventory would occasionally run out and Vaughn Thompson, the oldest of the three sons, saw the need for expansion. He was also tired of sharing the small office space with his dad and two brothers. He saw the parts business as an additional avenue of marketing merchandise and exporting to different countries. When his dad retired from the truck parts industry in 1961, at age 13 Vaughn’s dream was to have his own parts business and in 1978 at age 27 he decided to fulfill his dream and started US Truck Parts, Inc.

   In 2016 Sonny Thompson, Raymond’s son, made the decision to move away from a franchised truck sales corporation and take US Truck Parts into the 21st century. US Truck Parts has been a great company for decades and now under new ownership and a new name, US Truck Parts and Sales, LLC is making the necessary changes to support our customers at the highest possible level with new products and services to meet current transportation needs. As we move forward we will be updating our company logo, website, advertising, and inventory but are keeping the same values and phone number that we started with in 1978.

   US Truck Parts and Sales takes great pride in servicing our customers on a personal basis regardless of if it is an independent owner-operator or one of our national fleet accounts. We look forward to working with you as we grow and expand.


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